We are now accepting summer school enrollment.  Summer classes begin April 17 through May 30.  Cost of attendance and online registration are here for ​​​​ Homesite , City Heights , Sidera Special Child Center , and Victorias .  
Our ​​​​​​ 2017-18 tuition and fees are out.  Regular classes begin on June 13, 2017.  Early bird enrollees completing registration and payments in April are eligible for a free katcha bag (while supplies last).   ENROLL HERE FOR JUNE 2017 ALL BRANCHES .


  1. Special Ed Inclusion
    Dec 2016. Jack & Jill School City Heights and Sidera Special Child Center has successfully implemented Inclusion in 2016-17. We are proud to have teachers, staff, students and parents working together to be the first successful inclusive school in Bacolod City, Philippines. Inclusion is a placement option that provides children with special needs the same opportunity to learn, play and grow as their typically developing classmates.
  2. Karatekas
    Dec 16. Congratulations to Sensei Randy Mengullo and his amazing team of elementary and high school boys and girls for winning the NOPSSCEA competition.
  3. Library Donations
    Nov 2016. Friends, family, and alumni of Jack & Jill Schools, Castleson High, and Sidera living in the United States recently sent 4 giant boxes of children's books and encyclopedias as donation to the libraries. Thank you! We appreciate your love and continued support as we grow the libraries and share the love of reading with the neighborhood children!
  4. 55th Anniversary in 2018
    Dec 2016. Time has passed and we are ready to celebrate 55 years of excellence in teaching and learning! Join us to celebrate. Keep an eye for updated parties and gatherings, and see your old classmates and teachers.
  5. Mrs. Lopez is 87 Years Old
    Nov 2016. On November 22, 2016, Mrs. Cecilia del Castillo-Lopez turned 87 years old. She enjoys an occasional quick walk through the hallways of the schools although these days she prefers to stay home and play with her great grandchildren. Like a librarian, she also started to record the book donations from the U.S. and will soon deliver them to the schools.
  6. Eureka Math, Wit & Wisdom
    Jan 2017. Eureka Math and Wit & Wisdom (for English) will be here next year. Eureka Math is a PreK-12 curriculum that sequences mathematical progressions into crafted modules for each grade, so that students become more confident in understanding each lesson. Wit & Wisdom is a K-12 English curriculum which also provides a coherent sequence of thematic units using literature and informational texts, and adds the rich content in reading and writing to master English literacy skills.