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(63 34) 434-3094
(63 34) 433-2019
Ms. Morena DePedro
#1 Block 1, Homesite
Bacolod City 6100

City Heights
(63 34) 434-2988
Ms. Cora Bionat
#1 Jade St,
City Heights, Bacolod City 6100

(63 34) 399-2820
Ms. Grace Hiponia

Sidera Special Child Center
(63 34) 432-1435
Ms. Jonna Monteflor
#1 Jade St,
City Heights, Bacolod City 6100


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Jack & Jill School in Homesite, Bacolod City was established in 1963 founded by Cecilia del Castillo Lopez. To date, there are four schools located in Homesite, Victorias, and City Heights. The school in Homesite comprises a preschool and an elementary school. City Heights has a preschool, elementary, and high school. Also, the City Heights location has a fully developed (preschool through high school) special education program named Sidera. The Victorias location is a preschool, elementary, and high school.

The group of schools was incorporated in 1980 and become the JJS/Castleson Schools Inc. Jack & Jill Schools and Castleson High are private, non-sectarian institutions in Negros Occidental, Philippines. Jack & Jill School celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2013.

Our Vision

Developing thinkers and leaders of tomorrow.

Our Mission

To foster the joys of learning and cultivate honor so that students become socially responsible thinkers and leaders.

Our Core Values

* Academic Excellence
To create a strong academic foundation so that students are best prepared for their future education.

* Creativity
To provide students with interesting, fun, and varied learning experiences so that their creative thinking is enhanced.

* Ethical Responsibility
To instill a strong sense of right and wrong, the discipline for self-respect, and respect for humanity and the environment.

* Local and Global Involvement
To cultivate love of one’s country and the respect for those of different backgrounds with the aim of producing a well-informed, competent, and responsible citizen of the world.

* Persistence
To inspire love of work, dignity of labor, and perseverance in face of challenge.





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