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Our mission is to foster the joys of learning and cultivate honor so that students become socially responsible thinkers and leaders.




While other schools are starting to switch their academic year starting next year, we are not.  Rather, we will make the immediate switch to a new academic year starting with August 5, 2019 and ending with May 15, 2020.  That summer 2019 will be a long one which we will use to enhance professional development for teachers and offer cool summer classes.
Our 2017-18 tuition and fees are ​​​​ posted here .  For 2018-19, tuition and fees are posted here .
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Homesite         City Heights            Victorias

Summer Classes Begin
April 16 and Ends May 11

Enrollment is now open for Summer 2018.

Homesite offers academic enhancements, art, ballet, basketball, belly dancing, children's choir, creative writing, theater, hiphop, and toddlers class.  To enroll at Homesite, click here

City Heights offers academic enhancements, art, baking, basketball, and toddlers class.  To enroll at City Heights, click here

Our Sidera Special Child program offersacademic enhancements, arts and crafts, aqua therapy, and behavior management.  For the Sidera program, click here

Victorias offers academic enhancements, art, baking, culinary arts, volleyball, and toddlers class.  To enroll at Victorias, click here .

Toddlers Class June 2018

Opening in June 2018, we will welcome the youngest JJS students aged 1.5 to 3 years old to join us for the first ever Toddlers Class at Homesite, City Heights and Victorias.  You will see a meticulously designed, progressive program with age-appropriate toys and activities intended to stimulate cognitive, perceptual, and physical growth.  There will be lots of toys, story telling, and playing with other tiny kids.  If you are simply curious, you may enroll your child this summer which guarantees them a spot for June and we will credit your summer payment in June.