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Our ​2017-18 tuition and fees.  Brewing some great summer classes for one and all.  For the purpose of continuously improving programs and services at Jack & Jill Schools, Castleson High, and Sidera Special Child Center, please let us know what you think.


  1. Summer Classes
    May 2017. JJS Castleson rolled out summer classes with much excitement. The most popular class has been the academic enrichment although there's a lot of fun in hip hop, ballet, art, and creative writing especially from our guest best-selling author from the UK, Stephen Bentley.
  2. Automation
    June 2017. The old system of record-keeping is going away. All JJS/Castleson schools have been maintaining their records the old way which was pen and paper. We have commissioned a consultant to move us to online record keeping to make it easier and faster for parents to enroll their children, and soon, pay tuition online.
  3. New Computers
    July 2017. In about a month, all schools will receive new computers and will be installed in computer labs and accounting/payroll offices. Students and staff will soon be working with the latest technology.
  4. Institutional Assessment
    July 2017. This month, we began our institutional assessment of Math and English. Since the implementation of Eureka Math and Wit & Wisdom for English, we have assigned lead teachers who have become experts in these areas. They now guide all Math and English courses in all JJS/Castleson schools. Results from the testing will serve as baseline for our efforts and will be used to adjust and improve our curriculum. Other subject areas will be our next steps.
  5. Serving the Community
    August 2017. Jack & Jill School/Castleson High City Heights Booklovers Club students visited a nearby community to share the love of reading. Students read books and the librarian talked to parents about reading to their children. Such a simple act of giving! Catch great photos and the passion to share books on Facebook.
  6. Volcanoes and Rockets
    August 2017. At Jack and Jill School Homesite, various grade levels showed off their science experiments. There were colorful exploding volcanoes and rocket ships that shot up high enough to deserve a collective cheer from all other students watching. Learning made fun! No one was hurt in the making of the experiments!